Dedicated to saving young stoats and weasels

Every year people find young stoats and weasels that are orphaned, injured, or left for dead. Unless the correct action is rapidly taken these helpless youngsters quickly die. With a particular interest in these wonderful creatures, we specialise in the rescue of orphaned and injured young stoats and weasels. The treating and rearing of young mustelid orphans takes much expertise, patience, and lots of committment, but we are more than happy to provide this whenever the opportunity arises. We can also provide emergency advice and personally collect an orphaned animal anywhere within the UK within 24hours.

We always do our very utmost to provide each casualty with the best chance of survival and work round the clock to ensure they receive the best possible care.

PLEASE NOTE: These wild animals should be left well alone unless they are definitely orphaned, abandoned, injured/visibly unwell, or in immediate danger.


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